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Our structure is based on multiple Teams managing either a customer or a product group. Each team has resources dedicated to Design, Product Development Merchandising, Order and Production Management, Technical and Quality assurance.

These teams have the expertise and resources to fulfil customer requirements and are structured to work exactly as per the needs of the customer.

Backend support is shared by the teams and Service departments such as Finance, Accounts, HR and Administration, Social and compliance department  and logistics provide backend support to all the teams for smooth functioning.

For large customers, Impulse has separate customer - specific teams with the complete resources and expertise to manage the relationship. Some teams have been structured for small to medium customers which manage multiple customers. Where product expertise is required and the vendor base is specific to product, we have product-specific teams for specialized products like leather clothing, Fashion Accessories, Yarn, Home Furnishings and Hard Goods, and Footwear.

The directors and all the team leaders are product oriented professionals who have hands-on experience of managing the crucial components of the business.

The understanding and awareness of the product filters down and permeates to all levels in the organisation, so that everyone understands that the product and service level is all important in the business.

All the teams have Account Heads and Managers who conduct the operations independently under the supervision of a team leader / division head, who are answerable to the directors. Complete customer satisfaction is the only performance evaluation at Impulse.
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