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  • Presence  Having more than 30 years of experience in sourcing, we are able to procure raw materials as well as manufacturing services from regionally strong players, providing you the best in terms of quality as well as cost efficiency while bringing regional manufacturing expertise to the fore.

  • Value Addition Our long standing relationships with manufacturers, raw material suppliers, processing sub-contractors and throughout the supply chain add immense value to your products.

  • Vendor Selection Our strength is the ability to select the correct supplier based on the product and the customer. Impulse can advise you what to source from whom and why keeping in mind lead times, Quality requirements, pricing requirements, the size of the programs, technical and manufacturing capabilities.

  • Technical Expertise A thorough understanding of technical aspects encountered in product manufacturing enables us to optimize cutting and sewing operations, quality control procedures and technical inputs pertaining to construction and detailing of the product.

  • Quality Assurance We are competent in assuring that the manufacturer is following the right process during the product development and production stage. Impulse has skilled teams to monitor, coordinate and control all processes including printing, dyeing, washing, embroidery and various other surface embellishments added to various garments.

  • Administration Our service departments, including finance, accounts and logistics ensure smooth administration of all financial and logistics processes such as issuance of Inspection Certificates, checking shipping documents, opening of LC and their transfers, freight consolidations, coordination with Freight forwarders, airlines, Shipping companies and banks etc.

  • Social and Technical Compliance Impulse is committed to provide to its Customers Safe, Quality Products manufactured in Clean & Hygienic environment and in accordance with all applicable legislations of the State / Country of manufacture regarding industry minimum standards.
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