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Compare Impulse as a buying agent with other sourcing options.

Service required & provided Impulse Direct sourcing Selling agent Self-owned sourcing operations

Identification of product line to source from a region Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes
Product development Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes
Established relationships with manufacturers, fabric suppliers, raw material suppliers, processing sub-contractors etc. Yes / Yes No /
Pattern making, grading, lays etc. Yes
Trim/material management & coordination Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes
Control & coordination of all approvals and tests including materials, trims, design and fit approvals Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes
Management of all manufacturing operations and quality control Yes No / No /
Administration of LC’s, payments, legal documents, shipping, logistics Yes No / No / No /
Complete transparency in relationship amongst customers/manufacturers/raw material suppliers, etc. Yes Yes No / Yes
Cost competitiveness Yes Yes No / Yes
Local presence in sourcing region Yes No No Yes
= Not Always
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